Finding the Right Chain Dog Collar For You

If you are new to the dog chain market, it can be daunting finding the right dog chain for you. One particularly popular type of dog collar is the chain collar (also known to some as a choke collar) and there are many people who buy these collars for their dogs every day.

Chain dog collars are usually recommended if you have a type of dog that pulls on its lead frequently, as this type of collar can deter the dog from doing it any further.

They can be dangerous if not used correctly and ensuring that you get a qualified dog trainer to show you the ropes before you use it can ensure that no harm comes to your dog. There are certain types of movements which are recommended in order to get the best results and in order for your dog to behave as you would want it to when you are in public.

Sometimes, you may find dogs that are unresponsive to your usual traditional collars which can be a nightmare when you are out and about, sometimes even putting the safety of both you and your dog at risk. Purchasing a chain collar for your canine friend could be recommended as the right move to make if your usual walking route is near roads and busy pedestrian areas.

Depending on where you look, there are many pet shops which offer chain dog collars inexpensively. Using your buyer’s initiative, you shouldn’t have to look far to find an outlet which can meet your needs and within your budget.

Choosing One of the Many Dog Collars Available That’s Right for Your Dog

When you are trying to choose the best dog collars for your pet you will find you have a lot of choices. You will have to decide things like nylon, leather, or metal. You will also need to consider if you want it to be adjustable, so it can grow with your dog, or if you just want one that fits for now but should the dog get bigger you’ll just purchase a new one. This of course doesn’t even begin to touch what the collar looks like in terms of design and color. It can be an overwhelming task to make these decisions.

If you are trying to choose dog collars for a puppy then you probably want to go with a standard nylon collar. These collars can take a lot of abuse form a dog, especially if you don’t intend on the puppy wearing it all the time and there is a possibility that he might get a hold of it. Also as an added feature many of these types of collars are adjustable. This is an added bonus; you can get many collars out of one purchase. Since these types of collars are generally cheaper than metal or leather collars you will end up saving a lot of money. They are also very light weight and more breathable than leather so your dog can get adjusted to wearing one.

If you are looking for some training dog collars then you are probably looking for a metal collar. These chain collars are made so that they can tighten quickly to get the dog’s attention when on a lead or chained in the yard. They are designed to very briefly squeeze the dog’s neck to deter their bad behavior. These shouldn’t be used with young puppies or older dogs. If your dog is very stubborn you should probably avoid this type of collar as they can choke a dog if not used properly.

Leather dog collars are also very popular. While they are not as adaptable for puppies they are very stylish and robust. These collars tend to be longer lasting than a nylon collar but they don’t come in adjustable sizes. Since they tend to be a little more expensive than nylon you will end up paying more over time. Owners generally wait to purchase these types of collars when the dog is older and more mature, therefore less likely to outgrow or destroy the collar.

Chain Collars For Your Dog

Despite the variety of dog collars on the market today, chain collars are still a very popular choice. If you have no idea what a chain collar is, you may be familiar with the more popular term ‘choke chain’.

Chain collars or choke chains can be purchased for as little at $4 at most places that sell dog supplies. If you prefer shopping on the Internet, there is also a vast selection available online.

Chain collars are generally purchased for dogs that love to pull (and won’t stop) while on their leash. They are comprised of a length of chain that has two rings at each end. The chain goes around the dog’s neck and one ring is looped through the other creating the letter ‘P’ if looking at the dog from the front. If the chain ends up looking like the number ‘9’ instead, you have put in on backwards. Ensuring you have put the collar on properly is tantamount to it working properly; you are going for a tug and release type of action when it’s in use.

When the dog pulls, you tug the collar and this action chokes the dog. When the dog stops pulling, the collar releases back to its original position around the neck. If it’s on backwards, the dog will be very uncomfortable when you tug as the collar will remain in the choke position on the dog’s neck. Don’t be fooled however, by the chain/choke mechanism: if your dog wants to get at something he/she have seen or smelled, it will pull no matter what’s around its neck!

Chain collars come in different lengths so you should take the time to measure your dog’s neck for the best fit. Following that, you should add an additional 2-3 inches to your measurement. Keep in mind that when the dog is not pulling and you are not tugging, the chain should fall loosely around the neck. If you have a puppy, don’t even consider a chain collar until they are much older and are fully developed because damage to their young necks can occur.