Review For Ruff Wear Chain Reaction Humane Chain Dog Collar

As chain collars go, the Ruff Wear Chain Reaction Humane Collar is one of the most humane collars that you can buy for your dog. When you are looking for a chain collar that is going to be more comfortable for your dog, you are going to find that you can’t go wrong with this collar.

Look at all of the pros that this collar offers:

o Attaches easily
o Durable
o Good grip
o Comfortable
o Cleans easily
o Dogs like wearing it
o Designs to fit the dog – tough or cute
o Constructed well
o Has a design that is attractive

Unlike other types of chain canine collars, you don’t have to worry about what you should use the Ruff Wear Chain Reaction Humane Dog Collar for. It’s good to use for:

o Bigger dogs
o Training
o Everyday
o Little dogs
o Puppies
o Adult dogs
o Dogs that have a problem with pulling
o Running
o Maintenance training

This is a chain collar that people like because it helps them to keep in control of their dog without having to resort to inhumane methods. It keeps the dog in control without choking the dog like so many other chain collars. The dog is comfortable while they are wearing it, and the owner feels good knowing that they are controlling their dog without hurting their dog.

If you are looking for a good chain dog collar that isn’t going to amek you feel guilty for using it, then this is the chain collar that you want to buy. It’s one that you can use with confidence, and it’s one that your dog isn’t going to mind wearing, making it a plus for both of you.

Chain Dog Collars – Are They Right For You?

If you’re in the market to rescue or purchase a dog, one of of the first things you will need to buy them is a dog collar. While at first puppies don’t always take very well to having anything around their neck, they get used to it fairly quickly. Either way, your dog can’t go without one.

There are a vast array of dog collars on the market to choose from. Deciding on which one to buy can be a challenge for even the most seasoned dog owner. Dog collars come in all shapes, sizes, design and colors. Getting the right one for your dog will depend on the breed, the dog’s size, its weight, its age, and even its disposition. If you are buying a collar for a puppy, they typically should start wearing one at eight weeks of age.

Chain collars (sometimes referred to as a training collar, slip collar or the more common choke chain) are a very popular choice for dog owners. They look like their name implies: a length of chain that has two loops or rings at either end. Typically, these collars are used for training purposes, but not always. They don’t really have much aesthetic value, but they are often a choice for dogs that tend to constantly pull on their leash or don’t take direction well from their owner. Given their popularity, chain collars can be purchased for minimal cost at just about any animal supply store. You can also find them at big box stores (like Walmart) and online. If you type keywords like “dog chain collar” into a search engine, a large number of sites for purchase will come up.

If you do decide that a chain collar is for you, you need to do some research into how it functions and how best to use it. As an example, a chain collar should never be used on a young puppy as it can damage his/her throat. Keep in mind that this type of collar is best used on a mature dog and one that won’t stop pulling on its leash. In addition, if this is the collar you choose, you should take note that it should not be left on your dog unattended- this type of collar can catch on things if not careful. Given its choking design, this can prove deadly for your pet.

Chain collars are highly effective if used properly. If controlling your dog while out walking and/or training is your goal, a chain collar is the way to go.

Important Tips For Using a Chain Dog Collar

There are a lot of misconceptions about chain dog collars and whether or not they should be used on dogs. Here are some of the things that you should remember when you are using a chain collar on a dog.

o Never, ever use a chain dog collar on a puppy or a young dog. They don’t have enough strength for this type of collar.

o Make sure that you have chosen the right size of collar for your dog. Measure the dog’s neck at the widest part and add two inches, and that is the right size for your dog.

o Only use the chain collars when you are out for a walk, don’t leave it on when you are at home. This will avoid strangulation accidents.

o When you need to use the chain collars, snap it quickly and bring your dog to heel. Use the heel command at the same time. Don’t keep the tension on the chain collar for longer than a second.

o Keep your leash short – this is going to avoid making the dog pull hard because they don’t have as much leverage. This is advice that should be used whatever type of collar you are using.

Using a chain collar doesn’t have to be cruel or something that is going to hurt a dog. In fact, when it’s done right, it can be used lovingly and as a great way to get your dog trained and reminds them to obey when you give them a command. Make sure that you choose the right size for your dog, that you are waiting until an appropriate age to use one, and that you are using it the right way, and you will find that using a chain collar can help the two of you be much happier.